Understanding your body

Posted by keturahh | 15 December 2016 | Blog,Your Body

Why is it good to have a basic understanding of your body… 

Isn’t it extraordinary that most people do not know what is going on inside their body, even though they have got one? Perhaps this is partly why we feel detached from our bodies especially when things seemingly dysfunction and we become ill.

I have heard many people saying things like, “I don’t know what is wrong with this back, or this arm, or this foot”, dissociating their mind from their body as if the two are separate entities not connected!

A lot of people I have come across do not know their hamstring from their quadricep, where their kidneys are, which side their liver is on etc… This includes experienced athletes, martial arts instructors and people who attend yoga and pilates classes regularly.

Many people are advised to have organs removed and then wonder why other parts of their body have stopped working. Totally disempowering us from our own potential and ability to look after and heal ourselves. Not only does this affect our health, but it affects all aspects of our lives from relationships to work.

If we understood more about our body structure, function and why things can go wrong, then it would not be such a mystery to us. Our mind and spirit could be integrated into this physical machine that we use to express ourselves in this physical world.

The more in tune with we are with our physical machine, that interacts with the external environment, the more we can relearn and understand how to nurture ourselves and give ourselves what we need to thrive.

A human body is made up of various systems. It is amazing all the different parts of our body and how important it is that every single part of the body we were born with is contributing to our health as a whole.

Our mind, body and spirit have the capacity to remain healthy or if necessary to heal itself. Over the centuries Human Beings have just lost this intuition, but it is something that can be relearned.

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