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About Keturah Hughes


Keturah Hughes has been in the health and fitness industry for 20 years with a BSc in Biology and Sports Science and specialized in sports nutrition. After finishing her degree she went on to pursue her passion in travelling and combined it with her interest in the human body and trained in a variety of different massage techniques in several countries.

Returning to the UK, she became an Osteopath at the British School of Osteopathy in London and then went on to qualify as an Animal Osteopath from the Stuart McGregor Animal Osteopathy course in Oxfordshire. She has since qualified as a Pilates instructor and works using a range of structural, functional and cranial techniques as well as giving exercise and diet prescriptions.

Through these studies and experience Keturah has attained extensive knowledge of human and animal anatomy, physiology and pathology plus a detailed understanding of Osteopathy.

She is constantly learning and increasing her knowledge in this field due to her passion for Osteopathy and the mind body and spirit connection and in working with people to empower them to heal themselves.


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Equine Osteopathy


Equine Osteopathy is a holistic therapy which uses the movement of the body, to correct structural changes within the horse to help maintain and restore normal function. It aims to treat the tissues causing the symptoms at the same time looking for and treating the root cause of the problem.

How does it work?
The horse is checked from the feet upwards and from the nose to the tail. In many cases a horse has learnt to compensate from an old injury in the leg for example and over time this manifests itself into pain elsewhere (along the spine, for example). In such cases the area of pain and the root cause is treated.
A series of techniques are applied, including articulation of joints to mobilise the body and soft tissue work to re-educate the nervous system.

Benefits of pilates and breathing exercises for riders:
Unevenness when riding a horse can be in the horse, the rider or often a combination of both. Osteopathy combined with pilates and breathing exercises can also be used to help the balance, posture and suppleness of a horse riders body to support efficient, graceful movement in the saddle.

Riding with Awareness

Training Course for Horse & Rider

The Riding with Awareness Course is led by Keturah and her Colleague Ashleigh Sanderson , a very passionate and experienced Horse Riding Instructor, who currently travels the world running specialized clinics and trainings for horse riders.


Combining their knowledge, experience and skills, they have put together a course for horse riders of all levels, from beginners to highly experienced.


It is a unique and invaluable training, which has long lasting benefits for horse and rider. Please contact Keturah for more information on the training, its benefits and how to book.

Day 1

Increasing awareness of your own body and perspectives through series of practical exercises, meditation, riding and personalised body assessment.

Day 2

Progression of day one with advanced exercises and personalised exercise prescription to help balance weaker areas for horse & rider .

Day 3

Introduction to the mechanics of your horse. Introduction to anatomy and some massage techniques that can benefit your horse on a daily basis.

Day 4

Horse massage progression with stretching and articulation techniques. Practical day only.

Day 5

Individualised assessments and one on one work with both instructors.

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Awareness allows us to get outside of our mind and observe it in action.

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